Accounting and financial services

Our team of 25 accountants and chartered accountants have the necessary experience and expertise in order to meet your needs

and provide you with assistance regarding namely :


Do you want either to ensure that your company’s accounts reflect the reality and/or need to precisely evaluate the value of your/ or a third party company?

Do you require certification of all or part of your accounts?

We can : 

  • Perform audits (both financial and intangible) of SMEs, SMIs, NPOs, not-for-profit organisations under Belgian law, Foundations, EIGs and EEIGs;
  • Issue an opinion on the accounts of a company;
  • Intervene in the audit of projects for supervisory authorities such as the National Bank or the CBFA or financing bodies such as the European Commission.

The techniques used are very close to those of company auditors, but they also integrate new ones resulting from the so-called sharing economy.

These audits may be of accounting or financial nature and are applicable in the context of :

  • Company takeovers (purchase/sales);
  • Trade disputes;
  • Assurance requests;
  • Shareholder or partner disputes;
  • Etc.