Accounting and financial services

Our team of 25 accountants and chartered accountants have the necessary experience and expertise in order to meet your needs

and provide you with assistance regarding namely :

" Compliance "

Are you looking for an advisor so that your company ensures compliance with its legal obligations while optimising your tax burden?

We offer the preparation of:

  • Belgian VAT returns for Belgian and foreign taxable persons;
  • Special and intra-community returns;
  • Intrastat returns;
  • MOSS;
  • VAT representation;
  • Withholding tax returns for company directors;
  • Withholding tax returns and requests for applicable exemptions (dividends, interests, intra-group transactions, copyrights);
  • Payroll deductions for non-resident payments;
  • Income tax returns (natural persons, companies, not-for-profit organisations under Belgian law, NPOs and foundations, EIGs and EEIGs, residents, non-residents);
  • Periodic reporting to the Belgian National Bank for financial institutions;
  • Application request for special tax regimes for foreign executives;
  • Hypothetical tax calculations, including the setting up of monthly payrolls;
  • Application for work permits, professional cards, certificates of coverage or A1 forms.