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The Expat Post - 01/05/2017

The Expat Post is our new international newsletter for companies with an international workforce and for individual expatriates working and living in countries around the world.

As an international alliance of independent, medium sized accounting and law firms in 70+ countries worldwide, we believe we are well placed to provide a holistic view of many of the evolving issues affecting companies with international/cross border assignees and of course the issues that impact on the individuals involved.

And while this publication will address many of the challenges that involve tax and social security, we will also unravel legal issues such as immigration, work permits, employment law and regulatory law so that you can move forward with confidence and anticipate, plan for and meet the challenges ahead in the global marketplace.

This issue provides more about what you need to know about the principles of permanent establishment (see page 7) and how moving people across borders can create a PE problem for the company and the employee.
Our global mobility experts also explain another gamechanger - the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) – find out on pages 1 and 3 why expatriates must take steps to get their financial affairs in order now. Finally, we look at which countries offer a ‘special tax regime’ for expatriates (see pages 4-5) and/or what special tax treatment can apply to non-residents.
For more information on any of the issues covered or how Alliott Group can help, please contact myself, Giles Brake at Alliott Group (giles@alliottgroup.net) or visit our website (www.alliottgroup.net) to locate an expert in a specific city or country. A local contact will act as your gateway to the world.
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