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Personal Tax 2020 - Innovation

Dear client,

Always concerned to satisfy you at best, we want to stay on the cutting edge of innovation.  Thus, we are pleased to inform you of the upcoming launch of a web platform which will be dedicated to the management of your personal tax returns. 

This new web application will allow you:

  • To file your tax certificates simply: no move or no emails anymore
  • to validate or modify the form, pre-filled by us, containing all the information about you useful to fill your tax return properly;
  • to find, through an archive, from one year to the next, what has been filed to the tax authorities, your documents as well as the final tax return, as filed with the tax authorities.

Here are the steps that should be followed:

1)    You will soon receive a first email containing your access (login and password) which we ask you to keep;   

2)    Your file manager will pre-fill out your own file/questionnaire including the information available to us;

3)    Once the questionnaire is pre-filled, a second email will be sent to you to ask you to verify, complete, validate or correct the information included in the questionnaire and attach your various certificates.  This platform will also serve as an exchange platform to ask your questions and contact your file manager for the processing of your tax return. 


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