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Legal disclaimer

Terms of the collaboration

Tax Consult may refuse or terminate the collaboration at any time, without notice and compensation, when reasons make it impossible to continue the professional collaboration, such as:

  • circumstances jeopardising the professional's independence;
  • circumstances making the performance of the mission impossible, in accordance with professional and ethical standards;
  • clear failure of the client regarding its own obligations, as described above;
  • Court imposed arrangements, winding-up proceedings or collapse of the client.

The reasons for the immediate termination of the agreement shall be subject to a warning or notice to the client.

The collaboration shall be considered as having ended 8 days from this warning or notice unless the client has remedied the indicated reason in this time frame.

Upon termination of the agreement, Tax Consult shall notify the client of the urgent and necessary legal acts making part of the terminated mission, which have to be carried out in order to safeguard the client’s rights.